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We have had many recent tent rentals in Holyoke MA recently because of the many reasons for celebrating with friends and family and because the good weather makes it ideal to have the party or event outside.
Tents allow your guests to enjoy the food, dancing, other activities and time with other guests without fear
of inclement weather. Tents can also provide shade on hot days, effectively cooling your guests and making them more comfortable. HolyokeMABounceHouseandPartyRentals.com is a favorite place to book tent rentals in Holyoke MA because of the low prices, quality products and friendly staff.

Our tent rentals are in high demand because we have full day rentals instead of the few hours our customers in Holyoke MA report experiencing at other companies. We offer the lowest prices in the area to help save you money when it comes to entertainment and we are fully licensed and insured to give you peace of mind. Our tent rentals are also popular because we offer our customers choices when it comes to style and size of tent. We have standard style, elite style and circus style tents in various sizes from 10’ x 10’ to 20’x 60’. Our excellent word-of-mouth reputation contributes to the speed at which bookings occur making it possible to actually solidly book dates in good weather months quickly so it is highly recommended to book early to prevent disappointment.

There are many occasions for celebrating with friends and family in the beautiful New England outdoors including birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, and weddings. These are all excellent reasons to book tent rentals while the weather is nice. Even when we have the occasional rain showers tent rentals can keep your guests comfortable and dry. Our tents look elegant at any event and the colorful circus style tents can really draw a crowd from passing motorists when you are trying to attract people to fundraisers, auctions or community fairs. Our friendly staff is available to take your call, answer all your questions and also to assist you with making selections if necessary. No matter how small or large your guest list gets we are sure to
have the perfect tent for your event. Ask us about our tables and chairs that go well with our tent rentals
in Holyoke MA.

Holyoke MA Bounce House and Party Rentals

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Standard Tent

Circus Tent

Elite Tent

Century Tent

Hex Tent

Pole Tent

Table Linens
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Stacking Chairs

$1.49 with rental

6’ Rectangle Tables

$9.99 with rental

Folding Chairs

$1.49 with rental

60” Round Tables

$11.95 with rental

Cocktail Table $12.95

32 or 42 Inches High

Table Linens
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Globe Lights


Tent Rentals Pricing / Seating Chart

White Ice Chill Table


Table, Chair & Light Rentals

Elite Tent Sides

Standard Tent Sides

$35 per Side

$99 for 4 Sides

2 sides roll up.

Windows walls & window doors.

Our highbred wall system makes pulling back any side as easy
as a shower curtain.

Rent An Extra Day...1/2 Price!